Anastasya Kolomiets 



My grandpa had an amazing art library at home and I often played with books. When I was four, I first opened a book of paintings by A. Modigliani. A mystery of human faces and emotions depicted through artist’s eyes impressed me forever.


2000-2007 The Children ART academy, Kyiv, Ukraine 

2007-2010 Moscow Art school named after V. Serov


My first experience with aqua paint influenced my sensuality, intuition, feeling of a color. Since that time, working with colors has been the most exciting process for me.


In 2011 I entered Moscow Institute of TV and Radio Broadcasting to study a course of theater and cinema design. Same year I was diagnosed with progresive multiple sclerosis which brought a lot of challenges in my life. 


2011- 2013 The Institute of TV and radio broadcasting, Theater and film designer, Moscow, The Russian Federation   

2015-2020 Minerva Art Academy, Groningen, The Netherlands 

2021  Art Curating, online courses SKVOT. 

2021 Contemporary Art, online courses SKVOT


Now I am experimenting with all I’ve got so far from my life. And the book of Modigliani is still on my shelf.