Anastasya Kolomiets 

I have been fascinated by art from my early childhood. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. My grandpa had an amazing art library at home and I often played with books. When I was four, I first opened a book of paintings by A. Modigliani. A mystery of human faces and emotions depicted through artist’s eyes impressed me forever.


I first studied painting in the Children’s Art Academy in Kyiv, Ukraine. A history of art, drawing lessons, sculpture - all that played an important role in development of my artistic view and taste. My first teacher taught me aqua paints, which further helped to develop my sensuality, intuition, feeling of a color. Since that time, working with colors has been the most exciting process for me.


When I was 12, my family moved to Russia, where I continued my art study at the Art School named after Serov in Moscow.  For over 8 years I enjoyed great old school teachers, enormous cultural heritage of the Russian classical art and at the same time a diverse cultural life of Moscow, including modern museum, exhibitions, new theatres, literature. It had a huge impact on me.


In 2011 I entered Moscow Institute of TV and Radio Broadcasting to study a course of theater and cinema art. In parallel I continued my art courses for classical drawing and painting skills. Same year I was diagnosed with progresive multiple sclerosis which brought a lot of challenges into  my life as well  as completely changed me, my perception and my life approach. Because all my movements became slowly I had to find new inspirations and learn how to enjoy slowliness. 


In 2015 I moved to the Netherlands and joined The Minerva Art Academy. It gives me a completely new experience, new ways of creativity, art philosophy and meaning.


Now I am experimenting with all I’ve got so far from my life circumstances and experience, different nations’ backgrounds, art schools and master’s skills, trying to understand what and how I can create out of it as an artist. And the book of Modigliani is still on my  shelf.